Bitter Seeds

Directors/ Producers:
Micha X. Peled
Release Date: 2012
Website: Film website

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Working Films helped Bitter Seeds identify and secure partnerships with NGOS working on GMO issues. We committed partnerships with several statewide efforts to have genetically altered food labeled, including a partnership with LabelGMOs, the California organization working to pass the first ever mandatory GMO labeling law. We also partnered with national organizations like Non-GMO project and Organic Consumers Association, who are fighting the biotech industry by way of consumer education and rallying public support.

India has more farmers than any country in the world, and they are in a crisis that is unprecedented in human history. Every 30 minutes a farmer in India kills himself in despair. In a village at the center of the suicide epidemic, a farmer and his family struggle to keep his land and a teenage girl makes her first steps to become a journalist and tell the world about the crisis. Bitter Seeds raises questions about the human cost of genetically-modified agriculture and the future of how we grow things. This is the third film in Micha Peled's globalization trilogy, following the award-winning Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town and China Blue.

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