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Help stories lead to ACTION!

We’ve got big plans for 2016, and we need your support. Your donation means we’ll be able to bring great media to more states to address threats like coal ash pollution, fracking, and harmful economic policies. We’ll train organizers to integrate film into their campaigns, curate a new series of shorts on offshore drilling, and continue to fuse documentary film and visual art to better engage communities.

Robert West Reel Engagement Fund

If you would like to make your donation in honor of Robert West, Working Films’ co-founder and longtime executive director who passed away in June 2013 please donate directly here to the Robert West Reel Engagement Fund. Like Robert, the work supported by the Fund will be creative and responsive to the needs and opportunities for social change.

What is Reel Engagement?

Since 2009, Working Films has been bringing together multiple filmmakers addressing the same theme or issue from different points of view. Imagine eight, very specific, personal yet universal stories that explore an issue from 360 degrees. Imagine these stories being screened in diverse venues, online and off, and used in targeted campaigns individually and collectively over several years. Imagine the potential for impact. We have, and we call it Reel Engagement.

Whether it’s Reel Power in Texas advancing climate justice initiatives in drought-stricken areas, or Reel Economy in North Carolina where films are being deployed to educate and mobilize progressive coalitions working to address the destructive power of unregulated money in politics, Reel Engagement uses collections of award-winning media to address critical issues of our time, such as climate change (Reel Power), education (Reel Education), the economy (Reel Economy), and a growing aging population (Reel Aging).

We know that nonprofits and activists need multiple, dynamic stories to animate their work and motivate target audiences to take action at local, state and national levels. The Reel Engagement initiative meets this need.

Funds contributed to the Robert West Reel Engagement Fund will be used to honor Robert’s legacy and vision, and to support a critical phase of campaign development across the Reel Engagement film cohorts (Reel Power, Reel Education, Reel Aging and Reel Economy). 

We look forward to continuing to develop innovative strategies that assure stories lead to action. By doing this work, we will honor the vision and legacy of Robert West. 

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